Toe-Touch: Measuring Milestones

Touch your toes!

“Dave a year ago would never have done yoga with me outside in a lawn, for the passing public to see,” says I to Dave.

Dave’s reply: “Yeah, well Dave a year ago wouldn’t have been able to touch his toes!”

Hm.  Now isn’t that food for thought?

We all start (and continue to start!) somewhere.  I can bend my nose to my knee, touch my toes to the floor over my head, and twist and balance in many asanas I once thought I’d always shake in.  I can breathe my way through moments of anxiety that used to leave me on the floor crippled and in tears.  Am I proud, do I feel accomplished?  Sure.

But Dave’s comment resonates more forcefully with me, when it comes to my reflection on progress:  what’s easy for one of us isn’t always easy for the rest of us, and the same goes with what challenges us.  I could give a lesser thought to whether or not I can touch my toes; for Dave, it’s a milestone.  The funny thing is, I’m probably more excited about it than he is!

The morning of our mentioned conversation (Dave’s birthday, no less), he asked (insisted) on practicing yoga (“It’s about that time, my body needs it,” he said).  Just the night before (and more and more consistently at our meals together), he opted for the meatless entree at dinner (and omg that quinoa burger was amazeballs, will be posting a copycat recipe soon!).  Several family members and friends have done yoga with me, and more than one have asked for repeated practices.  It’s not just my life’s shifting toward health that matters – I can see the ripples moving in the lives of those around me too.

So – how COOL is that?  Wherever you are starting (or restarting, or continuing to start, or whatever), you are creating ripples in the people around you.  Your actions are a catalyst for positive change in the world, one little starting point at a time.  You may not be in king pigeon yet (or ever, let’s be real), but you are for sure a different person on your mat than you were yesterday.  And the person on the mat next to you?  Maybe you’re their inspiration just for standing strong in tree pose.  Wherever you are, or they are, we are always at the beginning.  The beginning of change, of progress, of moving forward.  Your choice in which direction you move affects the choices and movements of those around you.  Pretty powerful, isn’t it?

It starts with touching your toes, and from there – who knows?  The possibilities for transformation are endless.


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