Tracking a 30-Day Cleanse: Week 1

For whatever reason, I’ve embarked upon a month-long journey to a healthier, more vibrant and mindful me (gee, what’s the reason?).  The key word here, at least for me, is mindful – mindful not only of what I’m eating, but also of when and why and how, the habits that lead to and define my day-to-day actions (and, consequently, my overall mental/physical/emotional state of being). 

This log is an attempt to enhance that mindfulness in a practical way, by keeping track of how I feel each day, attempting to explain why, and then through time building upon those insights to form new or reinforce established habits that lead to the healthiest lifestyle for me in mind, body, and spirit :).  The potential toxins I’m refraining from (or doing my best to refrain from) for the 30 days of the cleanse are:  alcohol, caffeine, sugar, animal products, and gluten.

Day 1 (Feb 8)

  • Tired, mild headache throughout mid-day to late afternoon
  • Did Astanga at home but gently


Day 2 (Feb 9)

  • Very tired, mild headache throughout mid-day to late afternoon
  • Worse than Day 1, only exercise to walk Lyra; had fun grocery shopping for new cleanse items!
  • Possible lesson:  WATCH LABELS!  Got gluten-free bread that still had eggs + sugar in it (oops), plus coconut-based yogurt that still had dried cane syrup in it (even though it said PLAIN GAH – doesn’t taste that great either way); also, tried almond-rolled dates in attempt to find replacement for chocolate.  No comment.


Day 3 (Feb 10)

  • Headaches gone, still somewhat lower energy than normal
  • Mood drop – bad day subbing kids, came home and vented to Lyra, but felt better for it and went for a short run + abs + YIN THANK GOD
  • Possible lesson:  even if you’re tired/discouraged/unmotivated, get up and MOVE!  You’ll feel vastly better for it, almost every time (tune in and learn to tell the difference, in your body, between general fatigue and true illness – for the latter, honoring rest in your body is probably best, but don’t use tiredness as an excuse when some exercise might actually make you feel LOADS better!)


Day 4 (Feb 11)

  • Feeling much better so far – woke up for early (5:15am) TCX class with Scott C.
  • So far have been strong on no caffeine, alcohol, or sugar – EXCEPTING one pixie yesterday (emotional weakness, + it was the last one and Dave was refusing to eat it); also have been lax on bananas + honey as sweeteners (not so concerned about that, as they’re natural substitutes and therefore in my brain healthier/less guilt-inducing :P)
  • Have been easing out the gluten + dairy – need to avoid those processed foods that still sneak in the eggs or sugar!  Question:  is there such a thing as vegan, gluten-free bread?  And then:  SHOULD there be, based on one’s general understanding of what actually constitutes bread?  Here we come to the crux of my vegan-yes/vegan-no dilemma:  when do you start replacing natural foods with more processed ones, granted in the search for non-harmful ingredients, but at the cost of your own better health?  Can we get by with whole foods, and whole foods all the way??  WHOLE FOODS ALL THE WAY BABY!


Day 5 (Feb 12)

  • Feeling good still with no more headaches, but definitely had to take a nap after waking up before 5am again today.  Roots class was a good choice, but left me feeling exhausted by the time I got home.
  • Lesson:  Cut out Starbucks for the remainder of the cleanse.  Even if you sub coconut or soy milk, they use flavored versions with added sweetener.  Not a great health swap.  Also, decaf definitely still has caffeine in it (don’t ask me how I can tell…).

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