Tracking a 30-Day Cleanse: 20 Days to Go!

Day 6 (Feb 13)

  • Today went well (not surprisingly, considering it was the first official day of the cleanse for my yoga group!).  Taught two classes of yoga, then drove with Dave to Dillon, CO, to commence our romantic ski trip for the weekend.
  • We went out to eat for a Valentine’s treat at the Dam Brewery – I had a San Pellegrino with my Super Salad (greens, craisins, almonds, and a quinoa patty, topped with a housemaid vinaigrette); it was delicious and Dave really encouraged me to stick all the way to the cleanse (no cheese or anything!).  Feel really good 🙂


Day 7 (Feb 14)

  • Today a little tougher (not just for the fact that the hotel’s “breakfast” included nothing I could eat but an apple – though luckily I had foreseen that dilemma and had bought some hot cereal from a Natural Grocer’s the night before).  My biggest mistake I think was skipping out on any water in the morning (the hotel’s “hot water” was really lukewarm – though I still should have filled a bottle with cold…).
  • We went to Breckenridge to ski.  Packed a couple of power bars (mine painstakingly picked to suit the needs of the cleanse).  I tired quickly though – the boots I had borrowed were painfully tight, and by the time I rented a different pair it was lunchtime.  I forego eating a real lunch to keep skiing, instead stuffing my face with the power bars, which just weren’t enough.  My last full run I knew I was flagging in energy.  I ended up falling and hurting my knee, ending our ski trip a full day and a half early.
  • After getting out of there, we went to Whole Foods where I indulged in a decaf soy latte and a vegan cookie (down one sugar count for the cleanse!).  Later that night Dave also brought me a dark chocolate pixie (down two!).  I feel ok with these transgressions, seeing as they brought me comfort after a scary experience.


Day 8 (Feb 15)

  • Personal revelation:  breakfast out can be tricky!  Dave and I went to a cafe in Dillon before leaving our hotel; out of the typical cafe’s options of eggs and pancakes, I got a granola and yogurt platter.  Even though it seemed like a healthier option, I’m sure the yogurt (aside from breaking my dairy rule) had added sugar in it (damn you misleading health food!  Give me plain Greek yogurt any day over that stupid vanilla crap!), as well as the blueberries (which looked more like the blueberry compote you put on a pancake?  Wth?).  Oh well.  Did my best with the options I had.
  • The rest of the day went smoothly.  Made a delicious butternut squash and lentil stew for dinner – delicious and nutritious!  Also, my injured knee is already feeling much better, which lifts my spirits and gives me a rejuvenation of motivation for the remainder of the cleanse :).


Day 9 (Feb 16)

  • Today going well (helps that I’m mainly resting today to let the knee heal); took another grocery trip today that led to a discovery of *drum roll please* sugarless cereal!!!  It’s corn flakes sweetened with fruit juice (grape and something else?).  Haven’t tried them yet but grateful to find ANY alternative to the actual sugar they put in ALL THE CEREALS THAT EXIST GEEZUS.  Other finds:  xylitol for baking (tried it with some zucchini muffins, they aight), and gluten-free vegan sugar-free flax crackers (they don’t sound it but YUM).  What still does not seem to exist?  A sugar-free substitute for Greek yogurt (sigh).
  • Dinner for tonight?  Fish tacos for Dave, sweet potato tacos for me, in Romaine lettuce boats no less!  Ah, the food creations I can create with so much time (ah me, the life of an invalid!). 
  • Walked Lyra some but knee still tricky on turns, so not doing too much exercise other than those gentle ones prescribed to me by my PT, sister Kristin 🙂


Day 10 (Feb 17)

  • Each day the cleanse itself seems to get a little easier, and my battles are whittling down into more manageable chunks.  For instance:  I really want a frothy hot beverage on these beautifully mild winter days.  I hate tea, I really do.  And hot water with lemon gets me so far until I want something with a little more substance.  I’m getting by right now with decaf soy lattes, but even original soy is somewhat sweetened (no SB today, found a local cafe that has unflavored soy!).  Still, I know I can do better.  The habit is there, whether it serves me or not.
  • I like to reiterate that I’ve been really strong on caffeine and alcohol – last year I was struggling, at least with the alcohol in social situations.  Now I’m cruising on that score.  The past couple days I’ve stayed strong on gluten and animal products, but the dairy and sugar seem to be the trickiest for me to keep away from.  Sugar just seeps into everything!  And dairy wouldn’t be an issue except for my beloved Greek yogurt – I’ll keep trying though, which is the best that I can do :).

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