Tracking a 30-Day Cleanse: Over the Hump

Day 11 (Feb 18)

  • Ate my fruit-sweetened corn flakes today.  I prefer the heartier whole-grain flakes, but in my quest for sugar-free I will take what I can get.  As I head into the last two-thirds of my cleanse, I draw this line in the sand:  NO MORE LATTES.  I don’t want to drink that much soy milk, the decaf isn’t necessarily sans caffeine, and I should prove to myself I don’t need them anyway.  Go go water!!!
  • Other than that?  I don’t have the lack of energy that I did last week, but I’m also feeling lazy just because of this stupid knee…  PATIENCE.


Day 12 (Feb 19)

  • Today was a LONG day.  Stuck to the cleanse just fine (though by 4:00pm, I really could have used some caffeine to keep me going – a 4:00am to 11:30pm day, anyone??).  Snacking a lot on fruits and nuts throughout the day, starting to feel the desire for something a little meatier.  Like… coffee.  That could just be my tired talking.


Day 13 (Feb 20)

  • No sleeping in for me!  Again made it through the beginning of the day, no sweat – Week 2 for the club’s cleanse helping keep me on track.  I felt GREAT teaching my yoga classes, other than the fact that the heated studio really makes my knee swell.  So strange to have that problem…
  • In the afternoon I vegged out hard; for dinner I made up a hummus plate with peppers, gluten-free tortilla chips, celery, and strawberries, followed up by lime + salt popcorn (Skinny Girl brand has some good stuff like that!).  Perrier was also on sale, so I got to splurge on my favorite sparkling water while watching the season premier of The Bachelor online – who knew I could survive a solo gal’s night like that without wine?? 
  • Beginning to feel like yes, I CAN go without these things, but heck, life is meant to be enjoyed, right??  Looking forward to returning to a glass of red wine with that piece of dark chocolate at the end of the day sort of lifestyle.  Not to mention some cheese and greek yogurt added back in to the diet!  Glad to be cutting back on sugar and caffeine, but still looking forward to soon allowing myself the occasional treat 🙂


Day 14 (Feb 21)

  • Oh my god it’s been two weeks!  So far the most change I’ve felt was back in the first few days, with those headaches and fatigue.  The second week may have been impacted more by my knee injury than anything else; it’s difficult to discern how I’d be feeling if I were still at the level of activity I was at before.  Right now I think I’m… bored.  That first week I could move past lethargy by getting up and going for a run or doing yoga; now, I’m not so much physically fatigued, but I don’t have those options to get up and move as much.  What do people do who don’t exercise?? 
  • Lesson:  Boredom/inactivity can lead to mindless snacking (not necessarily a good thing even if those snacks are nuts/popcorn/fruit).  I also may have a habit of wanting to snack any time I watch Netflix, which is obviously a problem when I find nothing better to do with my time than watch Netflix!  When circumstances take away your go-to hobby (mine being exercise/yoga), now you’ve got to search out something new to fill your time.  So… who’s got some ideas for me?  Anyone??


Day 15 (Feb 22)

  • I’m over the hump!  Tried a new recipe (spaghetti squash with cauliflower “alfredo sauce” – turned out more like a mush than a pasta dish, but still tasty), and struggled again a little at the end of the day for that “treat” satisfaction.  Doesn’t help that I’m on my moon time, so to speak.  I want to indulge!
  • My PT (WOOT SISTER PT!) says I can start exercising according to comfort level.  Ready to embrace a new challenge – no yoga, no impact sport (so no running or group fitness classes) – BUT, was able to do 5 gentle rounds of Sun A tonight, so that felt good.  Tomorrow:  swimming or cycling!
  • Also:  what am I TALKING about, I need a new hobby?  I’ve got music to write and record, not to mention a painting to finish and scarves to knit – hobbies up the wazoo oh me oh my!!  Ignore Day 14’s thusly concerned statements.

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