Tracking a 30-Day Cleanse: And All That Comes With It!

Day 16 (Feb 23)

  • Gosh darn it I am cranky.  And it’s not the diet, because I just woke up that way today.  Lucky for me, I cannot eat my feelings in chocolate or carbs or wine, so I’ll have to deal with it the old-fashioned way:  BY DEALING WITH IT.  Also I commit myself to cycling for 5+ miles after work today.  Plus abs.  Yup, that’ll be good.
  • Did the work out, still somewhat cranky.  Not sure if it’s only because I’ve been so hyper aware of everything lately, but I am super aware of the mood fluctuation and in so being have somewhat softened its impact on my further behavior?  Maybe I’m crazy.  Boyfriend would probably (definitely) think so.


Day 17 (Feb 24)

  • Today went well, minus one emotional breakdown after spending a far too long stretch of time focused on taxes (lesson: do your taxes in small doses).  Lucky for me, the BF and I had plans to go to the fitness club and work out together before dinner.  I tried swimming for the first time in a long time (mainly for the sake of my knee) – and LOVED it.  Did gentle laps for 40 minutes alternating between free style and backstroke, and came out of the water feeling MUCH better than I had at the end of my work day – calmer, stronger, happier.
  • Lesson:  try new things – even things you think you’ve tried before and didn’t like!  Perceptions can change all the time, and you might discover something to break you from a boring routine and challenge you with some new ones :).  Whatever you do, don’t sit at home and do nothing – remaining still with anxiety/depression is guaranteed to only make it worse!
  • After our work out the BF then took me out to Mad Greens – only my second time to such an awesome place!  Had a protein power salad filled with awesome goodies like warm quinoa, edamame, peanuts, kale, and spinach – vegetarian heaven!  Also treated myself to a frozen banana-almond milk-cocoa powder smoothie at the end of the night.  All in all, a very satisfactory ending to the day 🙂


Day 18 (Feb 25)

  • So far so good.  Eating a lot of oatmeal, nuts, fruit, and nut butter.  Could use more substantial meals, just feeling a little lazy in that department.  Oh well, I think I’ll take a nap!
  • Holy 90-minute nap Batman. 


Day 19 (Feb 26)

  • So that nap probably was a signal that I haven’t been giving my body the proper nourishment (a.k.a. I’ve been lazy in food prep) this past week (could you tell by yesterday’s pathetically short post?).  But NOT TODAY!
  • Made baked sweet potatoes, garlic quinoa, and salad loaded with spinach, romaine, peppers, beans, cabbage, avocado, etc., with homemade lime + olive oil dressing.  Delicious and, more importantly, filled with the protein, carbs, and healthy fats that I need to keep up my energy.
  • Missed out on any workout, made me quite upset actually.  Must learn to move past disappointments and get creative with my solutions… like accepting a limited work out at home when I can’t get to a bike or swimming pool to do the sort of work out I can with this knee…  *sigh*


Day 20 (Feb 27)

  • Full day today (only ten days left YAY!).  Got to the gym early to bike and do abs before teaching yoga and leading the group cleanse.  The productive morning definitely motivated me to keep moving forward in a positive direction, to let past disappointments (like my lack of energy toward the end of the week, and my inability to get in the exercise I wanted) dissolve into the past. 
  • Lesson:  I mustn’t let temporary dips in my mood control my overall attitude and sense of well being.  Emotions can be authentic and reflective of a deeper state of being, but they don’t need to create habitual ruts that run my life. 
  • I am excited to turn the 21-day corner tomorrow on caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.  I plan on introducing those groups back one at a time, while remaining free of gluten and animal products for the remainder of my 30 day cleanse.  I would like to gauge any physical/emotional/other reactions when reintroducing each group 🙂

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