27 Things I’ve Learned in 27 Years


I’ve made fun of this type of post before, the “10 Ways to Fall in Love,” “5 Reasons You Should Be Staying in Bed Today,” “34 Things to Do Before You Finish Reading this Post” kind of post.  This post, however, is purely personal to me and for me and you can make of it what you will, it is simply my self reckoning on my birthday.  Take heart, for as we become older, we inevitably become wiser as well <3.

So here it is, in its stream-of-consciousness, unedited form, a list of simple lessons I’ve learned throughout my lovely life thus far:

1.)  Everything in moderation – except for love.

2.)  Be like your dog – eat well, love unconditionally, move for the fun of it.

3.)  Write real letters – they take more time, they take more care, they mean more.

4.)  Add more salt.

5.)  Laugh at yourself – like, all the time, not just when it’s easy.

6.)  Forgive yourself.

7.)  When you know what you want, don’t half-ass it – especially when it comes to deciding between a measly one-scoop and the hot fudge sundae.

8.)  Let your friends know how much they mean to you – and USE YOUR WORDS.

9.)  Make time for connection.

10.)  Breathe.

11.)  Eat your vegetables.

12.)  Sing in the shower.

13.)  Enjoy not knowing – because, really, how boring would life be if you knew?

14.)  Give thanks.

15.)  Try new things.

16.)  Make something – music, art, dinner, love, a mess, someone laugh, someone’s day, the most of it, etc.

17.)  Call your grandma.

18.)  Say yes.

19.)  Get outside.

20.)  Screw what other people think.

21.)  Every now and then, wiggle when you walk.  Just do it.

22.)  Tell your sisters how fierce, how beautiful, and how stupendously awesome they are.

23.)  Choose to be happy.

24.)  Finish the crossword without cheating.

25.)  When you don’t know something, admit it.

26.)  Sleep in on Sunday.

27.)  Make mistakes, do better, repeat.

I could add to the list, but I’ve got years ahead for that.  And on your birthday or otherwise, celebrate your journey!  You’re doing just fine :).




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