Finding Your Mojo

Mojo (n):  a magic charm, talisman, or spell; magic power.

From last November heading into December I kept thinking to myself, the new year will galvanize me and give me motivation.  Just hold on until January 1st, and you’ll find your mojo then.

The thing is, January 1st came and went.  Two weeks into the 2017, and no magical inspiration hit, nothing and no one arrived to kick my butt into gear.  Where was my old goal-setting self from last January?  The one who had lovingly designed a vision board and spearheaded a 3-week cleanse and attacked 2016 like a Labrador puppy jumping into water for the first time?

Yeah, that metaphor made me smile too.  Puppies.

I was hoping the magic would just happen, that the same motivation I experienced last year would simply reoccur this year.  I waited.  And waited.  And… nothing.

I complained, I whined, I despaired.  Why were the things I was so excited about last year not inspiring me this year?  “Why was nothing happening?” I asked my (very patient) boyfriend.  And his answer was nothing less than the gentle slap in the face I needed.

“Maybe the universe is telling you to find your mojo somewhere else.”

Ah, simplicity.

Of course I’m not the same me as I was in January 2016; why would I experience the same motivation I had then?  I needed to kick my OWN butt into gear, and ACTIVELY seek out the inspiration I was craving.

The trouble is, inspiring yourself is not always as easy as it sounds.  But waiting around for it to strike by chance?  Way worse.  So I started to read – The Power of Less by Leo Babauta, Retox by Lauren Imparato, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius – anything to poke a stick into my lazy little brain and hopefully press some buttons into action.  I recommitted to another 21-day cleanse, even if I wasn’t as gung-ho as last year; I wrote down a short list of goals and commitments, and have been breaking down the tasks necessary to achieve them bit by bit.

It’s not the huge burst of energy I’ve experienced in the past.  But I’ve definitely gained some traction, and I know that an object in motion tends to stay in motion.  And I’m finally moving.  Step by step, one purposeful action at a time.  It’s a different sort of mojo, but a mojo all of my own making.  I’ma take it and run with it.

Having trouble finding your mojo?  Stop looking for it.  Start creating it.


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